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Online Courses

Two (2) AARC-Approved Non-Traditional CEUs/CRCEs
  • 2 AARC-Approved Non-Traditional CEUs/CRCEs for $16
  • You can Purchase all the Courses you need in one order
  • Invoice will have the Course Links in your email
  • Download the Course Material to read
  • Download the Test pdf file (Optional)
  • Listen to the Audio file (Optional)
  • Complete the Test (>70%) and the Evaluation
  • The Certificate is instantly available when you pass
  • Home Study printed courses by mail are no longer available.
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Live Online Webinar

One (1) Traditional (Live) CEU/CRCE with Live Chat
  • Live Online Webinar courses are AARC-Approved Traditional for 1 CEU/CRCE
  • The cost is $8 per hour
  • You can Purchase all the courses you need in one order
  • Schedule the courses (Each course is offered 6 times a day)
  • Join webinar at the top of the hour.
  • Real-time Live Chat is required. (No camera or mic needed)
  • Evaluation is required at the end of the webinar (no test)
  • You can complete up to 12 hours per day.
  • Request the certificate when you have completed all you need this month
  • Do not schedule 2 courses for the same time
  • DO NOT share any links you receive
  • DO NOT use the SAFARI BROWSER on a MAC, IPHONE, OR IPAD to complete these webinars
  • You can use Google Chrome, MS Edge, or Firefox to complete these webinars on any device.
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Helpful Information

Please use a personal email. Many medical facilities block emails with attachments. You may not be able to access your emails from us.

How to use the Live Online Webinar Schedule:

·         Find the course name.

·         Find the day.

·         Is it "A" or "B" at the point of intersection?

·         Look at the times the course is offered at the top of the schedule.

·         Each course is presented 6 times a day.

·         Add 1 hour for Eastern, subtract 1 hour for Mountain, subtract 2 hours for Pacific, subtract 3 hours for Alaska, and subtract 4 hours for Hawaii Time Zone when using the schedule.

·         Once you complete scheduling your webinars, the emails will show your time zone.

Please call 940-600-4700 if you have any questions.


Online Courses are AARC-approved as Non-Traditional and the certificates are available as soon as the test is passed.

Live Online Webinars are AARC-approved as Traditional and the certificate is produced as soon as you request it, as long as you have completed everything you need for the month.


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